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Clan Information

  • Founded: May 6, 2007
  • Leader: Yurisama
  • Alliance: Asylum
  • Clan Level: 9
  • Clan type: PvE
  • Members: 20+ Players

Welcome to the Eternal Heroes Website

Eternal Heroes is a level 9 PVE Clan. We are originally from Hindemith, and we have come a long way. Our members are from both North America and Europe. We are friendly and helpful, we fight for justice and work together like a family.

We do Raids, Instances, Parties, Fortress Sieges, and Castle Sieges. We stand up for each other and help each other whenever we can. Even though we are a PVE clan we don't hesitate to fight griefers or pk'ers. We try to solve problems in a peaceful way, but when we have to fight, we will fight.

EternalHeroes is a place where our members can feel at home. Friendship, Loyalty, Truth and Honour are not just words for us; we live like what we stand for.

Recruiting is open! If you're looking for a clan, please read our clan pledge and visit our forums to fill out an application form, or if you have any questions you can message Wesperios, Simbeline, Rygar, or xTitusx in-game.