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Clan Information

  • Founded: May 6, 2007
  • Leader: Yurisama
  • Alliance: Asylum
  • Clan Level: 10
  • Clan type: PvE
  • Members: 20+ Players

Welcome to the Eternal Heroes Website

Eternal Heroes is a level 10 PVE Clan. We are originally from Hindemith, and we have come a long way. Our members are from both North America and Europe. We are friendly and helpful, we fight for justice and work together like a family.

We do Raids, Instances, Parties, Fortress Sieges, and Castle Sieges. We stand up for each other and help each other whenever we can. Even though we are a PVE clan we don't hesitate to fight griefers or pk'ers. We try to solve problems in a peaceful way, but when we have to fight, we will fight.

EternalHeroes is a place where our members can feel at home. Friendship, Loyalty, Truth and Honour are not just words for us; we live like what we stand for.

Recruiting is open! If you're looking for a clan, please read our clan pledge and visit our forums to fill out an application form, or if you have any questions you can message Yurisama, Simbeline, Rygar, LittleFrechia or xTitusx in-game.